Here’s how to properly clean your mobile phone

How to properly clean your mobile phone in the midst of all the flu and viruses lurking around?

Research shows that pests are able to survive for up to four days on cellphone screens.

The average person takes their device around 76 times a day.
Cleaning mobile phones is not so easy, because it is easy to make a mistake that will cause it to stop functioning. These are the best ways to clean and disinfect.

When cleaning any technological device, never forget that you have to be gentle. Start by turning off your phone and disconnecting from the headset or charger.

To avoid scratches on the screen, it is best to use a microfiber cloth – small cloths that come in the box with your glasses or camera will do the job.

You can use a small amount of hot water in combination with soap or a touch screen cleaner, writes Independent.

No heavy chemicals

Using heavy chemicals can remove germs, but any chemical coatings used by manufacturers to protect screens from fingerprints can also be removed.

Using a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol is effective, but using agents with more than 50% alcohol can also result in screen damage.

IP68 standard waterproof phones can be immersed in water or placed under the tap to be thoroughly cleaned. Most flagship phones now have this standard, but still check.

Even when cleaning your phone, you still need to proceed with precautions. The best advice is to wash your hands regularly, and to clean your phone at least once a day.

One study in the United Kingdom found that people often carry phones to the toilet and that there are 10 times more bacteria on the cellphone screen than there is on the toilet seat board.

Endnote: you might want to consider holding your phone too close to your face the next time someone calls you, unless you have almost cleaned it.

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