These 15 items consume the most electricity in your home – turn them off immediately!

Some of the appliances we have in our homes consume much more energy than others. If we do not unplug them from the socket, we risk very high costs. Check which appliances consume the most electricity.


A laptop connected to an electrical outlet consumes an average of 87.6 kW per year.

Microwave oven

A permanently connected microwave oven consumes about 24.96 kWh during the year.


On average, the iron consumes 103.83 kwh.


The furnace consumes an average of 148.54 kwh.

The washing machine

During the year the washing machine consumes an average of 109.2 kWh

Energy-saving lighting

Energy-saving lighting consumes 210.24 kWh/year

Vacuum cleaner

A permanently connected vacuum cleaner consumes 176.8 kWh per year.


A permanently connected television set consumes 197.10 kWh per year.

Traditional ordinary light bulbs

Conventional lighting consumes up to 1051.2 kWh.

Electric cooker

A permanently connected electric cooker consumes 1460 kWh per year.

Fridge with freezer compartment

The refrigerator consumes on average 2,277.6 kWh per year. However, it is a device that is difficult to disconnect from the mains. Among other things, remember to defrost the fridge and freezer before you travel.

Desktop computer

A stationary computer consumes on average 277.4 kWh per year.

Induction panel

An induction board, which is always plugged in, consumes on average 1095 kWh


On average, the dishwasher consumes 374.4 kWh per year.

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